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Tallapoosa County Car Accident Lawyers
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If you have been involved in a car accident in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, you need to contact the attorneys at Kreps Law Firm, LLC. Our attorneys have helped clients get the compensation they deserve. No matter what type of accident or injury, we fill that our clients should be compensated for injuries sustained because of the negligence of other people.

Whether you have an injury that is life threatening, permanent, or temporary, Kreps Law Firm, LLC will review your case. Our experience with insurance companies will help us reach a settlement or file a lawsuit and litigate the issues of liability or extent of your injuries. Do not wait; call us today at (866) 348-2889 or CLICK HERE to set up a meeting to discuss your case.


Our attorneys have the experience you want and need to get the best possible outcome for your case. Numerous clients have seen positive outcomes with their cases and have received the compensation they deserved. Some types of injuries represented are neck, back, and spinal cord injuries. Call us today to speak with one of our attorneys regarding your case (866) 348-2889 or CLICK HERE.


Our Tallapoosa County, Alabama Personal Injury and Car Accident lawyers are focused and aggressive in representation of our clients that have been injured in a car accident or are victim to personal injury. We spend a lot of time of the front end of the case to create an effective strategy that will maximize the compensation you will receive.

No matter if you are suffering from a permanent or temporary injury, our attorneys will come up with a plan that will be as effective as possible in getting compensation for your Tallapoosa County, Alabama motor vehicle accident injury. We will try to resolve your case by settlement, but if this cannot be agreed upon we will file a lawsuit. Our attorneys are focused throughout the entire process to ensure favorable results.

Aggressive and Effective Tallapoosa County Auto Accident Injury Representation

Kreps Law Firm, LLC car accident and truck wreck attorneys handle cases throughout Tallapoosa County and fight for the rights of accident victims and their family members. If you have been injured in a car crash or automobile accident, call the experienced personal injury lawyers and attorneys at Kreps Law Firm. We know the process that the insurance companies require and can file a lawsuit to get you the compensation you deserve. We regularly handle car accident and truck wreck cases throughout the State of Alabama including the community’s of Alexander City, Camp Hill, Dadeville, Daviston, Goldville, Jacksons’ Gap, and New Site. Call us today at 866-348-2889.

Kreps Law Firm, LLC 
Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Automobile Crash Injury Lawyers
Toll Free: (866) 348-2889    

Kreps Law Firm, LLC 
Tallapoosa County, AL
Car Accident Attorneys
Toll Free: (866) 348-2889